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Locked Up

Ok so I got back to Midland yesterday. I have never been arrested in my life but last night I did.

Ok so funny story with a powerful message… this moment that I am writing this blog post I have been awake for 24hrs and just recently got home from the Midland county jail. Ok so here the story goes. Wait…. whats a good way to start a story like this? Ok… I know!! On a dark and stormy night….no no no……once upon a time…. Na thats not it, Ok here it goes….

As the brakes of the car squeaked to a halt in the driveway, the police lights began to flash behind the car. I was coming back from a friend’s house and a cop had pulled us over for having our headlights on in a residential area for too long outside of a residence…..well thats what he said. I know doesn’t make sense to me either but Im glad it happened or I wouldnt have this awesome story to share with everyone.

So I am at the house I am staying at and am about to get dropped off and the cop comes to the window and asks for our IDs. So we give him our IDs and start joking around about who would be the most likely to get arrested and just kind of being silly about the whole situation because we thought the cop was just doing a routine stop because it was late and he was just being suspicious because of all the crazy high school kids that do silly things at night in Midland. At this point we were laughing about the whole situation because neither of us thought there was any way that we could actually get in any trouble, both of us thought we were 100% innocent.

Ok so the cop comes back from running our licenses and says “Mr. Batch can you step out of the vehicle.” At this point Im confused and the confusion only was getting started. So the cop then asks…..well…. I mean he tells me “put your hands on top of the vehicle” and then begins to frisk me and pat me down for weapons. At this point I’m getting really nervous, so next the cop proceeds to this “Mr. Batch you have a warrant out for your arrest for an outstanding speeding ticket from 2006 and im going to have to take you in.”

Next he cuffs me and puts me in the back of his car. At this point I’m thinkin “Crap Baron!! you have became a statistic!” I have never been arrested and have never been in the back of a cop car and wasn’t sure what to think. So as im on the way to the county jail in the back of the cop car in thinkin “God what the heck are u trying to show me?”

So after a in depth conversation with the arresting officer about football and the bowl game….yes he asked me about football and I’m not making that up, actually the officer was a really nice guy and made my county jail experience tolerable…. I get to the jail and the other officers that are there say this to the arresting officer “dude how did you catch him!?” and then looks at me and says “If I were you I would have just ran! There is no way he could have caught you” hahaha and that might have made my night right there.

So next Im sat down and fingerprinted, frisked again and then have my mug shots taken and by this point Im feeling like a complete criminal. After this I’m told that once I pay the old ticket they will let me go but first they have to book me and while they are doing this I will have to wait in the holding cell AKA the drunk tank!

Ok so at this point I’m still asking my self “God what the heck are you trying to show me through this?” So I’m thrown in the drunk tank with about 15 other men who mostly are drunk out of their minds. I feel totally out of place and am standing next to the wall and at this point people are starting to recognize me and murmur and point that I’m a texas tech football player and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous in this environment.

So I’m standing against the wall of the jail cell and I’m asking God this “Ok what the heck are u trying to show me?” So after about 3 hours of sitting against the wall in the jail cell one of the coolest things in my life happened. So this guy walks up to me and my defensive instincts are kicking in and he keeps walking towards me. The man smelled horrible and told me that he had been in the jail for 5 days already, we began to talk more and more and he told me about his family and some of his mistakes. He asked me about football and what I was in jail for, I told him I had a speeding ticket that I didn’t know wasn’t taken care of. The man said he didn’t know why God was always punishing him, and at this point the pieces of why God had put me in this situation started to fall into place.

I told the man that God loves him and that sometimes he allows us to be put in situations to become closer to him….even to the point that he will literally allow someone to be put in jail to find him and escape a prison. We talked more and more and exchanged thoughts and then the jail door opened and the jail guard called my name for release. I said goodbye to my new friend and as i walked out of the jail he looked at me and said “thank you, God bless you”.

At this point I realized how awesome God is. Im so excited even thinking about it right now. Think about it…..How awesome is a God that would put me in jail to have me help someone out of their spiritual jail. simply AMAZING. As I sit here and think about this story and how I now have a criminal record, I am so thankful that God chose to use me in that situation. Sometimes we have to play our roles in the story that God has laid out, even if that role seems to suck sometimes God will always get glory out of it, and he will always turn the situation into something good.

So as I’m on the brink of exhaustion from lack of sleep I will wrap this post up with this…..Let yourself be used, dont complain, and play your role in the scheme of God.


Carry me through

Ok so I stumbled across this song and I love it, instantly became one of my favorites. Listen to the lyrics and let em soak in….powerful stuff

There’s a mountain
Here before me
And I’m going to climb it
With strength not my own
He’s gonna lead me
Or the mountain beats me
Carry me through
Carry me through

There’s a river
Here before me
And I’m gonna cross it
with strength not my own
He’s gonna save me
Or the river takes me.
Carry me through
Carry me through

Oh Lord be gentle
I’m just a man
Please don’t crush me
Help me in.

Oh Lord remember
I try so hard
I walk and talk
Your kingdom love

There’s a sinner
Here before me
And I’m gonna give them
Strength not my own
He’s gonna carry me
when I get weary
Carry me through
Carry me through

Oh Lord be gentle
I’m just a man
Please don’t crush me
And help me in

Oh lord remember
I try so hard
I walk and talk
Your kingdom love

Carry me through

Lord Sweet Lord
Carry me through.

Don’t cry when your balloon gets popped

Isn’t it funny when you think about how you acted when you were a child?

Isn’t it even funnier when you think about the things that would make you cry when you were a child? Think about it….. children cry over lost toys, bedtimes, and many other things even popped balloons.

So when a child’s balloon pops and they start to cry their little eyes out what does the parent do? The parent tells the child that it will be ok and assures the child that they will have another balloon or maybe even something better. From the child’s point of view they just cant comprehend how something so tragic isn’t a big deal to the parent, the child cant make sense of the fact that the parent doesn’t see the loss of the balloon as such a tragedy because the parent is older and wiser and knows that in the big scheme of things in the midst of a lost balloon things will still be ok.

How often do we have this attitude with God and how much wiser is God than “us”, his children? If you don’t know the answer, the answer is ALOT MORE!! But how often do we still cry our little eyes out when out when “our balloons pop” and not trust God when he is right there whispering to us that it will be ok? How often do we completely freak out at a situation that in Gods eyes he has complete control over? Sometimes its hard to realize that there are many other balloons in the world and some are much bigger and better, Of course God knows that there are much bigger and better balloons out there for us but in our childish minds sometimes its hard for us to comprehend.

So in the meantime don’t cry when your balloon gets popped because you never know if the bigger and better balloon is floating your way!


Ok so the season is over and we only have a bowl game left!

Craziness!!! It flew by so fast. The last game against Baylor was fun, we played in the new Cowboys stadium and its pretty ridiculous. The past few weeks have been awesome and I am currently painting the inside of my garage to make it into the ultimate ping pong garage!

Buck50 continues to grow and…..the fro is gone….yes you heard correctly, I cut off the fro and now have short hair again. I still haven’t gotten use to having short hair but its a huge relief to not have to pick out the fro in the mornings when I wake up. But for those of you that are sad that its gone don’t be sad for long because I am growing another one! I think the fun part about the fro was growing it.

So Jackson will be back in a few months! Oh and when I said Jackson I am referring to the fro, one of my best friends in the whole world (you know who you are) helped me name my fro and the name Jackson is what stuck.

So one thing that I have been working on more is just smiling. I am one of the worst people when it comes to smiling sometimes and enjoying what God has given me. Sometimes I get in these grumpy moods and all I can do it walk around frowning and not enjoying my day.

So what I have been doing recently is watching the news more….seriously, if you want to appreciate things more just watch the news. So it seems like every time I turn on the news its just another crazy story about how someone got shot, or someone did something crazy. Do you realize how blessed you are? Because to be honest, most of the time I don’t and thats something that Im really working on. I don’t mean just realizing your blessed when a horrible situation occurs but realizing that God has his umbrella over you in the midst of all the downpour that is affecting so many other people. Do you realize how blessed you are?
So recently I got an email from someone and this is what it said:

i know you probably get a million messages a day but i just wanted to share with you something that i know i would like to hear from someone saying to me someday. i’ve always been a fan of yours but never knew what kind of guy you were until i heard about your blogs. so i went and checked them out and i was amazed. iv never really seen someone in your position be able to pull through and live the right kind of life over popularity and fame. and now your like my hero haha. im a christian but ill be the first to admit im not living the way i should right now. growing up in a christian home and my dad being a preacher has impacted my life but not enough to keep me on the right track. i used to live the life you are living now, but soon fell short when i figured out how much easier it all seemed when you start living for the world. im a junior in high school, and for about 3 years now iv lived for myself and not God..knowing it’s wrong but i can’t find the strength to let go of popularity, sports, and all the perks that follow. the sad thing is i love my life right now, everythings going right. everyone likes me, everyone knows me, something i never had when i lived for God. But since i started reading your blogs its really had me thinking..if a texas tech star runningback can handle it why can’t i? the pressure must be so much more in college than in highschool but you’ve been able to restrain yourself and stand strong with God. Something that i long for but don’t think i have the strength to do.

So how do you do it? It seems that there are so few people anymore that are in a position like yours and are still such a strong witness for God. There is not one athlete in our school that claims to be or acts like a christian..and right now im stuck in the middle of how i want to continue living my life, something i had never even considered until i starting reading your blogs. you really are changing lifes so keep up the good work. God really is using you, you would be suprised how many people you impact.

by the way i know your really busy but if you ever had the time to send me a few tips or wise words that would really be lilke to hear Gods words from someone thats actually in my position. But if not i understand!

Ok so first off I want to thank this person who sent this to me because it really helped me out so much more than they might ever know. So this past week has been really stressful for me, and I was really just down in the dumps until I read this. This is what I mean when I ask “do you know how blessed you are?” The awesome thing about this whole situation is that God uses random people to bring us closer to Him. God used this email to bring me closer to him and used my blog to help out this kid that I don’t even know and in return I was blessed and uplifted when I really needed it and didn’t even want to admit it. Do you realize how blessed you are? The part of the email that really got me thinking is when it said this:

“the sad thing is i love my life right now, everythings going right. everyone likes me, everyone knows me, something i never had when i lived for God.”

This is what really challenged me. So I sat and those words went through my mind over and over and finally I realized that I cant love my life, you cant love your life. What good does it do to be in love with your life? If im in love with something that I could easily screw up at any moment whats the point? Whats the point to love your life? So heres the lyrics to the chorus of one of my favorite songs:

You say life is waiting for the one to lose control
You say you will be, everything I need
You said if I lose my life it’s then I’ll find my soul
You say let it go.

Thats pretty powerful stuff when you think about it right? To me it is. “you say if I lose my life its then Ill find my soul!” I love it! How awesome is that. I think that is one of the most awesome and but also scary statements that you could possibly believe to be true. I think for many its scary because it takes blind faith to let go of things that we love but that are holding us back, and not love OUR lives and really just trust that God will provide. But on the other hand if you really think about it, that statement is amazing.

God is pleading with us to just let him take care of us, He knows whats best and the reason he doesn’t want us to love our own lives is because we “love” carelessly. God doesn’t love carelessly, his love is pin point and crafted for each individuals needs. So isn’t that a reason to smile? Isn’t that a reason to be excited? Isn’t it awesome that God just wants us to smile and be happy and quit loving our own lives and simply love him more? So simply just smile.

What are you thankful for?

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving I have been asking myself the simple question “what am I thankful for?” I think its easy to forget about some of the things we are the most thankful for until they are gone. What are you thankful for? Here is my list of things I am thankful for, and I challenge you to make one as well. Sometimes the best this to do is literally count your blessings. Here is goes….

Things I am Thankful for
  • I am thankful for my family
  • I am thankful that God doesn’t have a short temper with me
  • I am thankful for all my awesome friends that keep me well grounded
  • I am thankful that I have great teammates
  • I am thankful that I am healthy
  • I am thankful I am able to play football
  • I am thankful that God gave me athletic ability
  • I am thankful for random txts that are sent just in time to cheer me up
  • I am thankful that I have food to eat
  • I am thankful that I have clothes to wear
  • I am thankful that God always blesses me with good parking spots
  • I am thankful that I live in lubbock and not College Station or Austin
  • I am thankful that I am in school
  • I am thankful for Thai Thai (my favorite place to eat)
  • I am thankful when it rains and I get to sleep in
  • I am thankful for sunrises and sunsets
  • I am thankful for toilet paper
  • I am thankful for my microwave (think about how much you actually use a microwave)
  • I am thankful for Gods word
  • I am thankful for deodorant
  • I am thankful for my Mac
  • I am thankful for macaroni and cheese
  • I am thankful I have a car
  • I am thankful I have shoes
  • I am thankful for Buck50 my pet tortoise
  • I am thankful for the platform God has given me
  • I am very thankful for toothpaste and a toothbrush
  • I am thankful that I can take hot showers
  • I am thankful that I am good at Wii sports
  • I am thankful that I live in a free country
  • I am thankful for all the people that pray for me
  • I am thankful that God pursued after me
  • I am thankful that God will never stop pursuing me

Risky Faith

Ok so I just got back from the first FCA meeting that tech has had and for those of you that dont know what that is FCA means Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

So at this meeting the women’s soccer coach spoke and something that really caught my ear that he said was when he asked the question “why do we hold back?” I started to really think about this and the question resonated in my head over, and over, and over again. Why do we hold back? Why don’t we just dive fully into the things that God has given us a passion for sometimes?

More often than not the reason behind this is because we get scared, we fear that if we completely sell out to something and it still doesn’t work out then we will feel like a complete failure, so we hold a little back thinking that it will make failure a tad less hard when we know we haven’t completely poured all our efforts into the thing that we desire. I think that many times we are so scared of getting knocked on our butts by something that we don’t even see the opportunity that is right in front of us.

Ok perfect example……when I go into a football game I go in with an “all or nothing” mentality which means that I will give everything I have every play because not doing that would be just as bad as giving zero effort at all. So this past game this is what happened. There is like 2 minutes left in the half and we have the ball and are driving to go score and the ball is snapped and our quarterback is getting pressured and starts to roll out of the pocket, all of the receivers are covered and to get open I have to run across the middle of the field where I see a linebacker waiting on me.

Ok so at this point I have one of two options, I can either hold back and not try and get open because I am scared to take a hard hit, or I can go and try and make a play and not be afraid of the possible results. So as the quarterback rolls to the left I go for it, I dart to the middle of the field where a linebacker is waiting for me and I am tossed the ball……and WHACK!!! I get smoked! I mean completely hammered by this guy. De-cleated and knocked to the ground. I hear the crowd get loud and immediately and I mean like instantly its like someone yanked me back to my feet.

So my question to whoever is reading this is; would it have been better to not try because of the fear or the hit or to go “all in” knowing that I could possibly get knocked out? I think that we must have an “all in” relationship with God, I think that many times we get caught up in the “knockout blows” that we fear we might have to take if we completely sell out to something that God has given us a passion for. I know for a fact that if I would have been afraid and not even made an attempt to catch the ball, I would have regretted that decision for a long time and would have only been able to think about what could have been. I mean who knows, maybe I dont get hit and break a tackle and go score? If I wouldnt have tried I would have never known. If I would have let fear consume me, God would have never taught me that no matter how hard I get whacked he is always there to pull me back up.

Keep in mind that no matter how scary the situation might look there is a reason that God allows the situation to even be seen by us, and that is because he wants us to have risky faith. Faith that is bold beyond knowing the end result, faith that can take a hit and keep on truckin! So have risky faith this week and be bold. There is no room for fear. Have a great week! God bless

one kick to the shin!

Ok so right now I’m relaxing and jammin out to some Mat Kearney who is probably one of my favorite artists period.

So I have my leg propped up and ice on my shin right now because yesterday in practice I got kicked right in the shin and it hurt so bad. Its funny because right after it happened I was hopping around gritting my teeth and trying to just make the pain go away but if you have ever been kicked in the shin thats a lingering pain that doesn’t just go away.

So I’m limping around trying to walk off the injury and I hear someone go “Go ahead and cuss Baron, you know you want to” in a joking manner. And in all honesty I did want to curse, I did want to revert back to what I would have done in the past. I did wanna just let my words fly and spew out the garbage that I would have once said. But as soon as I got the urge to do so, an even stronger feeling consumed me that it would be impossible for me to do such a thing.

God always uses funny situations like getting kicked in the shinbone in practice to help me see cracks in my armor, to help me see areas for improvement, and sometimes to just allow me to laugh at myself. Ok so back to the story. Im jumping around like a big baby and then to top it off one of my buddies (who before practice I made fun of for wearing soccer shin guards in practice) walks up to me and says “bet you wish you had some shin guards now” hahaha yeah I know, funny stuff right? In my moment of pain and humility all I wanted to do was just blurt out a series of obscenities, but I couldn’t allow myself. So after a while the pain slowly went away and my shin started to feel better.

So as im laying down jammin out to Mat Kearney with my leg propped up with ice, I started thinking about how thankful I am I didn’t lose my witness for Christ when I got kicked in the shin. Sometimes God allows us to be kicked square in the shinbone, of course it hurts but thats no excuse to backslide. Maybe you just got kicked in your spiritual shinbone, or financial shinbone, or the shinbone of a relationship. Just because something kicks us and hurts really bad doesnt give us a reason to “slip up” because the pain wont last forever.

As I sit and think about how quickly I could have lost my witness I am so thankful that God made me realize what was at stake through this comical situation. Im glad God made me aware that it can take a lifetime to become Christlike and only one slip of the tongue after a kick to the shin to become like the world. I now realize that it doesn’t matter how hard I might get “kicked in the shin” that I cannot lose my witness, that I have to stay strong even if I have to grit my teeth and hop on one foot. The pain doesn’t last forever.

Blogging Inspiration

Ok so to start off….yes I was googling my name.

Don’t act like you have never done it because you know you have. So today I was inspired to really keep up with my blog more than ever when I went to type my name into the google search the first thing that came up was baron batch blog haha I know surprising right?

So I guess more people have been googling information about my blog than anything else and that is my inspiration. I just thought that was funny and needed to blog about something today. Goodbye


Ok so I just had a week off from everything and it has been amazing, Im refreshed and eager to get back to practice and also just get back into the swing of things in general.

So my week off generated a lot of eventful stories that I am more than happy to share with everyone. Ok so first off I recently bought a ping pong table and it has been one of the most fantastic purchases of my life. I am currently looking for a legit chinese paddle! Ok what else happened? Oh yeah one of the coolest people I know had a birthday, and I promised them I would give em a shout out on my blog! So here is goes!! Happy late Bday Natalie AKA MOOOOOOOZON!

So my awesome brother Brian came in town from Austin and we had blast, his fro dominates mine and I kinda felt like mine isn’t growing like it should be after I compared the two. I had a blast with my brothers this past week and am pumped to get together with them again soon.

What else did I do……oh I got in the Christmas spirit and put up Christmas lights in one of the rooms in my house and have moved the living room TV into it and made it into a movie/study/napping/ well anything else room; Im currently blogging in it now so you could add blogging to the events that take place in here.

Ok shout out to my boy Mickey Okafor who recently got baptized!! SO SO SO proud of ya brotha! I think its the coolest thing when people get baptized.

So this morning I was walking into my house and touched the doorknob and there was a gigantic snail that was sitting there and ill have to admit that it kinda spooked me and then I realized that I really dislike snails……yes that was random but that is me.

So recently God has really been pressing the whole idea of what Grace is on me and has really been using other people to help me see that. So sometimes its easy to forget about Grace simply because we get busy with stuff, sometimes we get going so fast that we forget. Recently I realized that grace is something thats very hard to understand, grace is hard to understand simply because it really doesnt make sense when you think about it, but thats why its so amazing. Its hard to think about how God continually forgets our sins and forgives us time and time again, and time and time again we find a way to end up in the same garbage as before. I dont really understand Grace all the time, sometimes its even hard for me to accept the fact that God never runs out of Grace and no matter how many times I mess up God is always there wanting me to return to him. Pretty awesome to think about right? Yup I know! Blows my mind as well.

Well its getting late so Im gonna wrap this bad boy up! You guys take it easy and keep praying for me this week as I get prepared for Oklahoma State! Thanks God Bless!!!!

Garrett Gregory Music Video!!

Ok so im sure some of you are thinking what the heck is this video that Baron posted?

But for those of you that know me, and that know the “skinny” named Garrett you definitely understand and probably will die of laughter about this video. I decided to make this video because me and Garrett currently are feuding……I cant remember why really but Im sure this video just fanned the flame!! Love ya Garrett!

The Tennis Champ

Ok so today I broadened my sports spectrum of sports by trying to play tennis and turns out… a natural hahaha. Ok thats not true, the kid in in 8th grade dominated my socks off.

to all my awesome friends


Thanks Julia for pointing out that my blog was hard to read with the black background and white letters!! Good lookin out girl!

So the past few weeks have been eventful, I am currently debating buying a ping pong table to improve my skills at home……because some people that I will not name have been defeating me way too often hahaha!! Recently there was a tragedy….my bowling ball cracked in half and is out of commission, good news is that im getting another one soon.

Hmm what else has been going on……? oh! So I have had the privilege of being a team captain for the past 2 weeks which has been pretty cool. Also my tortoise buck50 is growing growing growing, and im pretty excited about that…..actually im going to feed him now! ok im back….2 romaine lettuce leaves later and buck50 is a happy turtle.

So im going to dedicate this blog post to all the awesome people that God continually places in my life day in and day out, I was thinking about it the other day and really really really love the fact how God is the master match maker when it comes to relationships. So if your reading this and I know you, your greatly appreciated. So if your reading this and I dont know you… are also greatly appreciated. Sometimes I take for granted how awesome of friends I have…..(even the skinny ones, you know who im talking about).

But seriously, have you ever just sat down and thought about how many people have helped you get to where you are at right now? I recently did this and I realized how much God has looked after me even when I wasnt looking out for myself, simply by putting awesome people in my life to help me and keep me safe. I remember one of my coaches that would pick me up and bring me home from football everyday, if he wouldnt have done this I would have quit a long time ago; if he would have taken the time to be a great mentor to me I would not be in the position I am in now.

I think about all the places I have been simply because of my awesome friends. I think about when things are tough and really seem pretty crummy I have friends that will simply say “keep your head up, your loved”. I really will go ahead and say that I think I have the greatest friends that anyone could ever have! I really am going to start telling them that more, and you should too! I think back to some of the problems that I have had over the years and cant say enough about how much simply having friends that keep me accountable has saved me, you know who yall are and thanks!

Maybe your reading this and dont have anyone to keep you accountable or have never realized the importance, I’d advise you to find that person or maybe even those people that are willing to call you out on certain things and to challenge you. Recently one of my friends called me out big time and said ” Baron, just because your having a bad day doesnt mean that you need to let everyone know by acting like a baby” haha I know right! Yeah it totally caught me off guard and even made me mad for a split second until I realized he was completely right, until I realized that just because I’m having a bad day that gives me no right to be a jerk. Thats what I mean when I say accountability, having someone who can call you out on something and not care if it hurts your feelings because they know you need to hear it, because they know it will help you in the long run.

So heres to all of my awesome friends and all of the awesome people that I know and even the awesome ones that I havent met yet. There is no such thing as a stranger, only a friend that you have yet to meet! Love you guys!!!…and girls