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A text from the past (part2)

Obviously all of you saw the post yesterday. I’ll give a recap. A girl from my past got my number and texted me that I knew had bad intentions for the reason she wanted to reconnect. After screwing up prior relationships because I allowed girls with bad intentions into my life, I have become very defensive when I feel like one is knocking at the door. My defense mechanism is to do whatever I can to make the girl go away, and run in the other direction. Today My Past texted me again. Its pretty amazing how God can work through things that we can sometimes see as insignificant. It’s amazing how he can quickly flip bad situations into good.  Yes both the anonymous girl and I could have handled the whole situation better, but thats the whole point! I could’ve handled it better  and so could she,  but at the end of the day God got the glory. An imperfect situation made perfect.   Haha thats pretty amazing.  With a new year only hours away everyone is on the verge of a fresh start. Maybe you don’t know where to start. Read the text messages below and maybe they will help you. I guess a fresh start begins with realizing you are worth something, it starts with self respect.  To women that might be in this anonymous girls situation please read what she says carefully, it might help you find your starting line to 2012. Happy New Years.


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A text from my past


*This post is not meant to demean or humiliate anyone, This post is written to show how sometimes you have to be blunt and up front with your past. Sometimes you have to tell it “No go away!” Sometimes you have to be downright rude.*

My past has many forms. But the most tempting form  comes in that of a woman. My Past takes this curvy shape because it knows this is the easiest way to lure me back from what I have escaped. Every now and then my past comes knocking and says, “Let me in Baron. All I wanna do is watch a movie.”  But lets be honest, My Past and I both know what ‘watch a movie’ means. The minute the lights go off and the movie begins to play, temptation once again sweeps me way. Clothes begin to fly, and My Past and I are doing everything but watching the movie like we planned. Once again I’ve failed. Once again I am back to the old me. Why did I let My Past through my front door again? I should have known better. I should have learned from last time. Next time I’ll do better. Maybe next time I’ll simply be mean to her, and tell her to go away. When will My past come knocking?

Sometimes your past comes back to haunt you. In my case today she texted me. I’ve grown a lot over the past 5 years and when I look back I thank God for all the traps that he saved me from, when in all reality I would have walked face first into them. I don’t regret many things about my past but one thing that I do regret is how I treated women. Today I got a text from a number that I didn’t have saved in my phone. Its weird when I gets texts from numbers that I don’t have saved because it almost always means that someone gave out my number (this makes me angry) , so whenever this happens I tend to be kind of a jerk especially if they don’t immediately let me know who it is.

Today an old  college flame from my past got my number from someone and tried to reconnect. Keep in mind I responded to half of these texts thinking that a friend was messing with me or something. She never told me her name and I still don’t know who she is. The thing is, I’m a much different person than I was 5 years ago. I guess its only fitting that this happened right as a new year is on the horizon. The text conversation below is real, and  is from a girl I hooked up with my freshman year in college. But this post isn’t about this particular girl. The post is about what this girl represented and presented to me. This post is about My Past demons of my own creation and how I deal with them and why.  I’m not sure who she is (yes I know thats awful, but thats how I was). The thing I want to emphasize is that sometimes your past creeps up on you and unexpectedly knocks whispering through the crack in the door,

“let me in….you know you wanna…I know the real you.”

“Wanna watch a movie?”

Sometimes you cant be nice to your past and invite it through the front door. You either open the door and let it in, or lock the deadbolt. I think the main thing I want to convey with this post is that being nice isn’t always ok, you’ll see that in the text messages below. I want to be a good husband and father in the future, and women are a huge temptation for me just like they are for other men. I haven’t always been a good guy, but I want to be a good guy now. I feel  the reason many people go back to their past is because they refuse to be mean to it, they refuse to simply tell it, “No I’ve changed, I’m not the same, and I’m not going back! Go Away”

I dont want to ‘watch a movie’ with you.

Today when my past came knocking I slammed my front door  in her face, before I could smell her perfume. I told her to go away. I was flat out mean, simply because I kew her intentions. Some people will see what I did as mean or rude,  but they dont know the temptation and beauty that My Past holds. They dont know how enticing her perfume is, and the curves of her body. They dont know how hard it is to just ‘watch a movie’ with her.

So I dont let her in. I even call her names if I have to. I just want her to stay away.

I’ve changed a ton since my freshman year in college, and refuse to go back to the Baron I use to be. This conversation was a healthy reminder of how I was, and how much I’ve changed. I guess with each new year you have to change, evolve, grow and mature. Theres no turning back. I guess my goal for this new year is simply to not give anyone a reason to send me a text assuming that I’m still a crappy person like I used to be. To other girls I’ve screwed over. Look…I am really really sorry, but understand I’m not the crappy person you knew, and this coming year I’ll be less crappy than I am now. Don’t come knocking because I wont let you in.

I really don’t want to ‘watch a movie’ with you.

It’s funny how when you tell you past that you’ve changed she grows angry. This is because you have seen her for what she is. You have spotted her intentions and removed her camouflage.   I’m still not sure who this girl is, but whoever you are I’d like to apologize for hurting you back when I was young and dumb. I’d be pissed if I were you also. With that being said, I don’t know who you are and lets keep it that way. I’m not the same person I was, and am not taking steps back Go away. To other women that maybe sympathize with this girl. I sympathize with her as well. Its because of me that she is acting like this. But, just because I sympathize with her doesn’t mean I have to let my guard down, or let her in my front door.  To the women that maybe are like this very girl here. Have respect for yourself, you deserve  better than a guy like I was. Let your past be your past, don’t take steps back. To the men that entertain girls like this. Stop it. Say no. Be a jerk if you have to. Be better than the guy I was. Move forward and never go back.

We all know how hard it is to just ‘watch a movie.’

Happy New Years,


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Rehab Update (20 weeks post op)

Ok so here’s the deal. It’s been 20 weeks since my ACL reconstruction and my knee is feeling fantastic. I’ve progressed in my drills, and have been cleared to begin cutting. Today was the first day that I actually did explosive type cutting movements that really pertain to playing the position of running back. I was cleared to do my favorite drill today, the speed ladder. I have always loved training using the speed ladder ever since high school, because its great for footwork which is super important for a running back, but its also great cardio. Also the speed ladder effectively simulates real football movements. I haven’t worn a brace wince the second week after surgery and will go through this entire rehab process without one so I don’t become dependent on one, and can play without one once I get back next year. No running back wants to wear a huge knee brace haha it just makes you look un-athletic! I wasn’t sure how my knee would feel once I started doing explosive cuts, but was really surprised today when it felt completely normal and just like my other knee. This week in the weight room I’m finally cleared to do full squats which I am excited about because squats are my favorite lift, and will help me get my strength back. If I could give a percent as to where I am at right now, I’d say that I’m about at 80%. The next big step for me is to start jumping again, and I’ll start doing that this week. Just wanted to update everyone on where I’m at in my rehab! Here is a short video of some of the drills I did this morning. Oh and don’t ask me if I’ll play this season. The answer is still no.

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O.R.C.B Follow Up

Hey guys and gals! Huge thanks to everyone that got involved with Operation Random Christmas Blessing over the past 13 days! By people doing something as simple as hitting a button and following me on twitter, we were able to raise $1000 to donate to Phillip and Jenna Knight to help them bring their newly adopted daughter Emme home from Ethiopia. Over the past 13 days I have had some people that initially I thought were being Grinches and Scrooges ask some very interesting questions about Operation Random Christmas Blessing. To be honest some of the questions initially ticked me off, but the more I thought about them I realized that they were legit questions that I need to answer. One question was, “Why dont you just donate your money and quit trying to use this to publicize and promote yourself?” Of course that question ticked me off because that is the last thing I was trying to do with ORCB. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that I do need to explain myself. The reason I didn’t just donate the money like I initially wanted to was because I wanted people to be made aware of the very real issue that is going on all over the world, and that is the fact that there are millions of orphaned children that need homes. Another question I was asked was, “Why are you wasting all this money on helping one family pay for a plane flight? Why not donate to a cause where you can help a larger number of people?” Again, that question initially pissed me off until I thought about the reason why I was doing what I was doing. The answer to that question is one that I think sometimes people easily lose sight of. A lot of people want to change the world but aren’t willing to start with helping make a change an individual persons life. A lot of these ‘world changers’ walk by the homeless and hungry on a daily basis and ignore them, when maybe its those people that will eventually change the world. What if changing the world consists of changing the life of someone who eventually will? Change starts with individuals, just like a journey starts with a step, and a book starts with a word.  This is why I believe in investing in individual lives. But really I’m only doing what so many people have done for me, and that’s simply doing something to help someone else because I’m in the position to do so; a position I wouldn’t be in  if at some point people hadn’t done the same for me.

While O.R.C.B was going on I was able to get to know Beth Cupitt the founder of . I asked her if she would write a quick guest blog post for me explaining the need for adoption, which she agreed to! So here is Beth’s post about what she does and the individual lives that she is investing in.


Hey all you Baron Batch fans! I’m joining the ranks this month, too. Baron has given me his blog for the day so I can tell you a little about my blog (Thanks, Baron). Well, I run a little blog called Give1 Save1 and we’ve been working together over the last couple of weeks to raise funds for the Knight family’s adoption.

Give1 Save1 is a blog that raises funds for families adopting from Africa.  Did you know that your average African adoption costs about $30,000? All we ever ask is that if you stumble by, you donate $1. We figure that these families are being obedient to God’s calling for them and are traveling to the other side of the world to bring home their child, and we can support that financially to help them keep their eyes on their mission. I know it’s a recession and everything. I know we just wrapped up Christmas, but I bet you still have $1! The family of the week gets their PayPal button posted on the site for 7 days and all money goes straight to them.

Once every few months we select a charity to bless and that is exactly what we’re doing this week. This week all money donated is going directly to The Mercy House in Kenya. The Mercy House is a place for pregnant teenagers to live, be counseled, learn job skills, receive prenatal care, learn how to care for their infants, and the list goes on and on. They now have six girls in the house and are moms to 4 boys under 4 months of age! It’s a beautiful place that I would love for you to support. You can learn more about them at and find more ways to support them. And come by and subscribe to the mailing list. That way you get notified each Monday when a new adopting family or charity gets the donate button!

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