Update Yo!

Yo peeps! How you dooooin’?

So the past few weeks have kept me busy, but things are finally slowing down and now I have time to fill you guys in on whats going on!  Let me give a quick run down. So I got back to Pittsburgh 2 weeks ago and have started training for this upcoming season. I already miss Texas. I miss all my friends back there, but it’s definitely a good feeling to be back in my second home of Pittsburgh. It’s even better to get back to work. For all of you that have been wondering how my knee is doing, I appreciate your concern, thoughts and most of all prayers. I’d like to let all of you know that the knee is feeling great and I am fully released to do everything. The past 7 months of rehab has had its ups and downs, but I’m definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The season is creeping up and I cant wait. I try not to think about it too much because I end up getting too excited to sleep, and just lay in bed thinking about it at night. So lets move around from this football talk before bedtime!

I recently moved apartments and had to go through the moving madness and even worse the transfer of bills. Seriously that might be one of my most hated things to have to do. With that being said, I am finally settled in my new place. My routine goes like this each day. I work out from about 9am-2pm then have the rest of the day to do whatever. Recently I’ve ran into issues with boredom considering I don’t really know anyone up here, and to top it off I lean on the side of being a hermit. So check this out….one day I come home to my empty apartment, I mean seriously I have no decorations. Just tan walls.

And I thought to myself, “Dude! You need some decorations. This place looks like a hospital room.”

Then a lightbulb went off. Ding! (Imagine said lightbulb illuminating over my head.)

“I got it! I’ll just make my own art to hang up in here. It’ll be my own and it will also help burn some of this spare time I have on my hands after my day is done around 2pm.”

As a kid I would always draw. Art was the first passion I ever had. I guess being that it was inexpensive helped also, but over time I just stopped drawing. No real reason. Just didn’t cultivate a passion of mine. I talk about the importance of cultivating and nurturing your passions all the time. Sometimes it only takes a drop of water to sprout an old seen buried deep. Sometimes things just need to be watered. So I decided that I would water an old passion and paint some art for my new place. I went to the store and bough all my art supplies, turned on some music and went to work. So to make a long story short, over the past few days I have fallen back in love with an old passion that had acquired dust and cobwebs. And to top it off my apartment no longer looks like a hospital room!

Here are some of the things I have painted over the last few days. Once again I will reiterate this! Cultivate your passions. Dont let them get dusty. Use them and appreciate them!

Someone asked me the other day, “Why do you get involved in all the things you do?”

The answer to that question is simple. “Why not?”

Why not do everything you are passionate about before your time is up on this earth?  My goal in life is to unseat the Dos Equis man as the most interesting man in the world.

hmmm…. or maybe I can just be the most interesting black guy.

oh! One more thing I’m really excited about. I’m in the beginning stages of putting together my first book. No clue on a timetable but the gears are turning!




  1. Well, you seem to have some pretty sweet photographs as well… definitely should consider getting some of them blown up and framed… (adorama seems to do the best jobs with my stuff and they make it easy to transfer from flickr/picassa/etc..)

    Also, lots of good stuff to explore in the ‘burgh. Some of my favorite spots in the city are within a 2 miles of your south side “office” – which you should take up before you start getting recognized on the street… including:

    1) Nature trails – Probably the last thing you want to do after a workout, but there is some great trail access to Schenley park on the city side of the hot metal bridge
    For a trail map, see: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~smagill/schenley.html

    2) Museums – could spend a day or two wandering around the carnegie museum, or the warhol museum

    3) Phipps Conservatory – Incredible stuff in bloom over there

    4) Bucco’s game – Head down carson, catch a ferry from station square, snag something on the 3rd base side and worst case if the game isn’t interesting, the view of downtown is spectacular. Snagged a full season ticket this year, but attending 0 games due to a project overseas if you want a (free otherwise unused cheap grandstand) seat…

    Good luck! Looks like you’ll have some newly drafted competition at RB going into the season.

  2. Baron,

    These are wonderful! You inspire so many people (including me) that God is the reason for everything and nothing is impossible! I hope you continue with your writing and painting for a long while and continue to show people around the world how struggles and hard work pay of in the end if you just work hard and have FAITH! Wishing you the best of luck in all you do!


  3. I have followed your articles since the Lubbock A.J. first printed them. I have always been impressed with your reporting, now, you are a writer. Even more impressive! Your paintings are wonderfully creative. I also think you could auction them off for your charities. Go Red Raiders!

  4. I love the artwork. Following your passion can sometimes be a difficult thing to do especially when it is in a career that is dominated by men. You see, my dream is to help athletes with designing a plan for themselves and their family during their post career in sports. So of course, right now I feel as if I am in a rut and can’t get to the next level of giving back to others. I believe the biggest injustice for most student-athletes coming out of high school is that they are not fully prepared for college and what dedication and sacrifice it takes to reach their goal of playing professional sports.

  5. It’s beautiful! Thanks foe sharing your newest talent with us. Been thinking of you while we’re on Spring Break. Have a great spring up there where there’s water! And be blessed. Love S Wilson

  6. your artwork is awesome!!! i follow your blog and i am a steelers fan as well. you are so passionate at life it is very inspiratioal. be blessed always and thank you for sharing your life stories.

  7. Wow, you continue to impress me! Beautiful paintings! Love the Warhol-esque bow ties – see, Pittsburgh is rubbing off on you already! And by the way if you ever want something to do in Pittsburgh, I’ll cook dinner for you any night and my fiance will talk football and philosophy with you for as long as you can stand! This is such a friendly town, you should never feel bored or alone!

  8. Mr. Batch
    I just want to say I pray big huge blessings gs n ur life! The most interesting man black man believer or football artist I dnt know but a wonderful roll model for my boys and others is a huge honor! I love athletics the passion for the W! The excitement of game day ! Wow I pray our Lord uses you as He has created you!! Please keep inspiring the youth! Knock it out of the park this year ! Give God all His due glory and smile be joyful!

  9. Baron, those are amazing! I especially love the ties. You are so talented. I would totally buy one of those paintings. Can’t wait for the book!

  10. Baron, you are a man of many talents! I think your artwork is wonderful…The night one with the hanging stars is so cool. Hell, they’re all good! I bet you could auction your work for charity and get beaucoups $$$, if you ever wanted to. Very nice stuff!

  11. Oh my gosh Baron you are so gifted! Those are awesome. You could sell those! Keep up the good work…
    Love you back in Midland
    Dianne and Martin Bucy

  12. Baron
    These are fun & colorful & it looks like you had a good time!
    I am slightly not surprised you had this talent. :)
    You have been immensely blessed, your passion for LIFE admirable & encouraging.

  13. What Daryl said…Bob Ross is the man may he rest in peace; serene as hell and as Stuart Scott says and overuses “Cool as the other side of the pillow”. But seriously Baron, you have skills man, it may be remedial for you. Good luck training.

  14. Truly awesome work Baron! You are very inspiring and one of the most intriguing people I have ever read about. I really enjoy your reading blogs and tweets. I’m glad all is well with you. Keep up the good work. This is your year. People are going to know who Baron Batch is this year…I can’t wait. Go Steelers!

  15. Hey Baron, I am SO EXCITED to hear your knee is completely free for you to resume full activity. I prayed for you and will continue toask God to send his angels to protect and keep you (Just don’t beat my beloved RAIDAZ if you all play this season or in the playoffs :)

    I really enjoyed reading about your blog where you had faith and doubt speaking to you. I am going to be on that beach cheering you on (I have a friend who is a DIEHARD Steeler fan and will tell him about you).

    One last thing… I’m into art also. Have you heard of “Bob Ross Painting?” I have started these paintings and as a newbie, it is so cool, absorbing and allows for creative skills to take off. Check out this link: http://www.bobross.com

    I have an extra set of paints, brushes and materials and will gladly send them your way, if you want to try it out. Holla back


  16. Baron, always good to hear from u! Happy u r doing well. The art is great! Somehow u never cease to amaze! Best of luck in the new season, hope to see you at training camp taking the field by storm. Blessings!

  17. Why would you limit yourself to just being the most interesting man in the world or the most interesting black man? Go for being the most interesting human in the world. Don’t box yourself in by having people judge you by sex, color, age or any other class. You are one of the most interesting, talented person I have known about in my 70 years. I truly relish your writing and now love the art you are creating…Thank you so much

  18. Awesome work! You are very inspiring and one of the most intriguing people I have ever read about. Love your blogs and tweets. I’m glad all is well with you….. people are going to know who Baron Batch is this year, can’t wait. Go Steelers!

    J.D. Strong in Pennsylvania

  19. The self created art was an excellent idea. Good luck with training and the upcoming season. Our prayers are with you Baron. When you get bored inbetween trainings, try visiting some of those elentary school and share your story of perseverence and faith. They will never forget you for as long as they live. It may even inspire some to take better paths in life. God bless you.

    Rico & Naira Enriquez

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you Rico… Baron, it would be an honor to work with you and the Pittsburg or Texas schools you are affiliated with. Darryl again, and my job is to manage a program that goes into schools called 180 Degrees (www.180-degrees.com). If you want to go in that direction let me know… Darryl

  20. Oh my Baron – You are certainly a VERY talented young man! Your writing skill is excellent – I find myself smiling when I read your updates. And your artwork is so creative! I cannot even draw a smiley face! God has blessed you with many gifts! I understand how frustrating therapy is and all it’s ups and downs but keep reminding yourself where you WERE and where you are now! Good luck in your new place and keep decorating those walls – that is until you are wearing the black and gold on the field. I continue to pray for you and your recovery and your return to the field. Thanks for keeping us updated and for remembering us who are always thinking of you! Much blessings Baron! Beverly Romako Bronx, NY

  21. I’m wishing you well in the upcoming season. Hopefully you will make the team and make a contribution to my happiness in the sporting world. I already get enjoyment from your blog and many of us Steeler fans are certainly pulling for you.

    Jerry Lynch in Mindanao

  22. Wow! Awesome artwork, Baron! If you ever wonder what you could do to raise money for your philanthropies, you could always auction off one of your wonderful paintings. You are truly blessed.
    P.S. Can’t wait for you to take to the field! Go Steelers!

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