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As I was driving down the road heading to Latrobe, PA where training camp is held earlier today I couldn’t help but think that last time I was on that highway I was being taken into Pittsburgh to get an MRI on my left knee.

As I drove out of Latrobe a year ago and everyday since, I constantly thought about the day I would drive back the opposite direction heading towards training camp a year later. I imagined passing myself roughly a year later going the opposite direction and waving over the steering wheel and smiling, like everyone in Texas does when they pass an oncoming vehicle.

That thought was somewhat of a lighthouse to me. It’s what I would look to when things would seem dark. In between the last time I left, and today when I drove back down that road a lot has happened. There have been good days and bad. There have been setbacks as well as goals I have met.

There have been unforgettable relationships I have made, and people I was able to help from my injury. I’ve said it once and I will always stand by it. God knows what he is doing. It’s a good feeling to be able to stay reassured by that. A friend of mine sent me an email yesterday that pretty much sums up my entire last year…..well….actually it sums up my whole life. It was a quote that she said reminded her of me.

Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think that you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now….and the now is right on time.
– Asha Tyson.

It was a pretty awesome feeling being able to wave to my past self over the steering wheel as I drove back to training camp a year later. I feel like we shared a consenting nod and smile as our cars quickly crossed paths. Even though there was no exchange of words there was a mutual respect that came from knowing exactly where one was heading, and an admiration of knowing where one had come from.

I guess in some instances in life, a detour isn’t always a road that leads someone to a different destination like some may think. For me, my detour never got me off the same stretch of highway. In fact today I passed myself and waved.

Maybe, just maybe… your detour is very much the same. Put in your life so when the brief and fleeting moment comes that you pass your former self you can simply nod and wave over the steering wheel in admiration like Texans do, because that car knows where you came from, and you know where it is headed to. And if the visibility becomes low be sure to flash your high beams, signaling that everything that will be encountered will bring them to the now…..and the now is right on time.



  1. I read you all the time Barron. You are an inspiration. You’re honest, down to earth and just endearing.

    Not to mention, your writing is wonderful.

    That quote came right on time.

    Where you’ve come from should be an inspiration to all. I didn’t come from quite the situation you did, but a broken home and lots of moving and feeling lost…I feel a real connection with you. Please always write it out. You’re amazing.

  2. I loved you latest post and marble that you are one year further along in your quest. Have a wonderful camp and an inspired, productive season. God bless you richly.

  3. The quote from yur friend was absolutely amazing–it hit home for me, too, as I’m sure it does for most people. Best wishes for you in training camp–be focused and be faithful!

  4. I enjoyed a quiet moment reading your blog this morning. Beautiful and inspiring, as always!!!! Stay focused, stay positive, follow the path – you will be just fine!!

  5. As always, I can’t wait to consume what you have written. Tonight was no different except your words truly jumped off the page. Do you know me? For a moment I thought so, as your words, and those of your friend Asha spoke to my heart. I haven’t passed my former self, but I do believe that God knows what he is doing, and hope that I can soon accept that now is right on time. Thank you for your thoughtful words.

    May your dedication manifest itself in a successful camp. Your time is now.

    God Bless…….

  6. I admire your strength in God. I admire you as a person. I admire your view and outlook in today’s society. You have been an inspiration to my life and I think of your trials and tribulations that you had to overcome and it has inspired me to be a better man in God’s eyes, a better father to my deserving children, and a better spouse to my loving wife. I would like to take this time and thank you for the man you are, what you have meant to me and all that you bring to people who read and follow you through your writings. Thank you Baron! I hope I can be half the man you are.

    Good luck in camp this year. I know a slew of people, including myself, who will be rooting for you to take camp by storm and shine like we all know you will.

  7. Baron
    I have been told that God knows where the road leads and that any detours are just part of the map he has for our lives. As a parent I am seeing that my son is potentially facing one of those detours as he tries to get passed flight screening in the USAF but is having some issues that he never thought he would face. His dream has always been to fly-and his life has lead him to this point where is only one screening away from entering undergrad pilot training. But his talents are being muted by the fact that he gets airsick-something he is told that will go away with flight time but time is not something he has the luxury of having right now. So he knows that a detour could happen unless he finds a way to get passed something that he truly does not have much control over but that God could heal him from. I am praying God’s map for my son’s life has him flying in the air and if it does not I pray for the right words to say to him. I read your words as a mother and as such am truly glad you got passed what could have been a test of your inner strength and can now get back to pursuing your dream. I needed to see another young man who has faced a challenge and see how he handled it. Now I pray my son can get past this test and go on to pursuing his dream of flying. If God has another plan for him I hope he has your inner strength. God Bless you both.

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