The Romance of The Show

May we run to win, learning not to rush, wisdom feeds a steady flow.

Eternal moments, reminding Soul, as humility still to know. 

It is acknowledged that this passion held within is a gift from thee.

Grant steady hands that are well balanced in the art of joyful peace.

Guard the heart from selfish ways, the use of passion, serving only me.

A being not worried about direction, but standing in couraged as I breathe.

A faith anchored in surrender, questions posed through preparation.

Calm and focused like a steady breeze, life approached as meditation.

Where there is a mirror, guard the mind from vanity.

Remind the eyes to reflect loving compassion, before they scan for opportunity.

Engulf desire with a fire of ever growing gratitude.

Any praise that comes to me, may it flow directly back to you.

Not in a way that’s preachy, or alienating to the masses.

A simple conduit,  pointing other vessels to what is already contained within their special glasses.

Let me overflow, with no thought of ever running dry.

Discipline the gaze of two, to become a single eye.

Water the wisdom forest, ancient trees reaching towards the sky.

And If I do fall down, and temptation gets the best of me.

Let me fall within your loving grace, rising quickly, pruning the shame of guilty trees.

Remove all hesitation in the dealings of right and wrong.

Clothed in your presence, walking within light, a harmonious ethereal virtue song.

Teach to see each being encountered as family, before desiring children of my own.

If lost within deceiving mind games, remind to pick up the silent phone.

Train the intuition to perceive the variety in which you speak.

Not seeing life as a list of tasks, staying too busy, too weak to week.

Rather each moment as a student, being led home while schooled by Truth.

From the darkness of the basement, guided upward through the stairwells, emerging on the roof.

And if at times I do grow tired, please remind me of the dance.

In times if there is sorrow, let me see this as romance.

Let me not see your universal laws as obstacles designed to hinder me.

But rather cosmic instructions to be free, beautiful safety information as a quality guarantee.

From your presence, from your sight Lord,  out of this it is impossible for me to ever go.

So with your strength, and with your might Lord, let this all be for your show.






  1. Just reading this brings me to a better place. So much grace being shared. Each line could be a chapter. It is rare someone so gifted appreciates those gifts with humility. Thank you!

  2. 🙂 Love thats it all about Jesus. He’s blessed you with a great way with words! Keep honoring Him and keep watching the show!

  3. Many blessings to you. You are a gifted writer. I am glad to see you using your gift to find presence and peace.

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