Hey y’all my name is Baron. I like spicy food. I guess you could say I have a spicy personality too. One time when I was a kid I ate a fire ant because I thought it would be spicy….I also ate dog food because I liked my dog and figured he was wise. I proud to be from West Texas. I have an afro. Sometimes I part it on the right side. I like sweet tea. I am light years from perfect. I screw up often but I’m trying. I’m very sarcastic. I love to travel. I don’t like to fly. I paint. I’m a writer.I’m a product of prayer. I’m an artist. I enjoy antiquing. I have ADHD as well as dyslexia, both make me more awesome. I graduated college from Texas Tech University and am proud of that. I have a pet tortoise. His name is Buck50. I don’t like deep water… no it’s not because I can’t swim… or because I’m black. I’m very creative. I like taking pictures. I like sunsets. I like cheesecake. I like to bowl. I like to play pingpong. I love road trips. My record for consecutive hours driven sits at 19 and a half. I love wearing ties. I can actually tie a bow-tie. I’m very competitive. I have a big family and am in the middle. One time I made homemade wine and it made me sick. I hate when people leave crushed chips in the bottom of the bag. I like christmas lights. I love people and am passionate about helping them. I hate doing dishes and unloading groceries. I like to cook. I like to eat even more. I don’t like taking showers in places that have bad water pressure. My goal in life is simply to be better than I was yesterday.Toe hair grosses me out. Don’t talk in a baby voice if you’re a grownup……unless you are speaking to a baby. This is my blog… and this is me.