I survived the Lubbock flood of 2010

Ok so the 4th of July break has been pretty sweet! Congrats Cydney and Nick for getting hitched! Beautiful wedding for two awesome people. Lubbock flooded and I rescued a dog in Lamesa Tx and dropped him off at a shelter here in lubbock. Its back to school and football on Wednesday. Oh and I made an A in communication theory!! Well it helped that I had a stinkin’ awesome teacher (kudos to you LeAnne). Right now I’m watching TV Land and I never realized how many good TV shows came on back in the day. Maybe ill add TV Land to my 3 channels that I only watch (ESPN, Travel Channel, Discovery) they are the best! Every time I watch travel channel it makes me want to have my own show. Who knows, maybe one day It’ll happen. I know I would be better than Samantha Brown, gees that chick is boring. Oh so the story of the Lubbock Flood of 2010 I almost forgot. So it started raining on Thursday and stopped yesterday. Within that period of time Lubbock TX transformed into water world, not to my surprise though because Lubbock has a real ‘jankety’ drainage system, also called playa lakes. Oh and people swim and fish in the playa lakes here!! Its gross. So if you are reading this and have been fishing, swimming, canoeing, or letting your children play in the flooded playa lakes of Lubbock shame on you. Ok I’m kinda kidding about that but kinda serious also.  I went to Midland for a wedding on the 3rd so I missed the bulk of the flood of 2010! But when I was driving back I was met with full force with the awesome power of the Lubbock flood! Im kinda joking but mostly serious about this story. So I’m coming back to Lubbock from Midland and if you have never made that drive you have to understand the physical geography of the terrain. So the drive consists of tons of hills and valleys that when it rains fill up with water and turn into small lakes/ ponds. So I drive a Toyota Camry that is a beast of a car, its pretty much an Autobot (transformer) sometimes it hangs out with Optimus and Bumblebee and I tag along. Well enough of my name dropping back to the story. So Ive just driven through Lamesa and I come upon a flooded part of the road. Realizing that my car is a Autobot and water isnt an issue I plow through it like a champ…. or so I thought. The water was about 2 feet deep and went for about 100 yards across the road. I barely made it out without the Camry stalling out…….ok pause the story there. I just realized the Camry needs a cool name if he is truly an Autobot, from now on the Camry will be referred to as Silver Bullet. Ok the story continues……..right …..here. So Silver Bullet and I make it through the first small lake. We drive about another 5 miles and then I realize that there is another flooded part of the road. Realizing the dilemma I question turning back…..but no!!!! We are Autobots!! We are fearless!! Autobots roll out! Silver Bullet  and I brave the water head on. This water is a tad bit deeper then the last and again we barely make it though. Water starts to leak into the bottom of the doors and floorboards, but we have made it! Im convinced that is the last flooded part of the road and Silver Bullet and I are approaching Lubbock………..until disaster strikes. We approach a Decepticon police blockade and they have the road blocked off! The police officer says that we have to turn back because the roads are just too bad. Crapola is what I’m thinking! I dont know if Silver Bullet has the strength to make it back through the other two flooded parts of the road again because now we are on the other side of the highway going south and that side of the road is about 3-4 feet underwater, even deeper than the other water we barely made it through. I was stranded……or was I? We are Autobots!! Silver Bullet roll out! We whip around and head south, we are going to brave the water once again. This time we have help though. Just as I started to doubt if we would make it….who came?…..OPTIMUS came!!! Im about to drive into the first flooded part of the road when a mac truck (optimus prime) plunges into the water before Silver Bullet and I. Thinking quickly I get behind Optimus and ride right behind him. Optimus displaces enough water for Silver Bullet and I to not float away. Optimus leads us to safety and we are forver grateful for our fearless leader. That is my story of how I survived the flood of 2010. Thank you Optimus and thank you Silver Bullet.

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Sugar Browns. Grannyism #3

So right now I’m sitting in sugar browns (a coffee shop) and talking with Garrett (my skinny friend) talking and laughing about how I am unable to commit to things sometimes…..well almost all the time. Almost everyday I drink a sweet leaf tea and recently have decided to start collecting the caps because all of them say a different word of wisdom called a “grannyism” and there is nothing better than a sweet leaf team followed by a shot of wisdom to the brain! So todays Grannyism says “here today gone tomorrow” hmmmm so so so true. Makes you think about a few things.
1.) why am I here?
2.) what am I here for?
3.) what legacy will I leave?
4.) where will I go when I’m gone?
5.) who will miss me?
6.) did my life change others?

Just a few questions to ponder! If you dont have the answers thats ok. Go to Jesus with it. Lata suckas!!!! bbatch out! have a rockin day

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Whats New

Ok so since the Belize trip I have been thrown back into the madness that is football and school. Both are going really well and its crazy that the season is creeping up so fast. Everyone is working their tails off and I’m really excited about the opportunities that we have as a team. So the 4th of July is approaching and its one of my favorite holidays of the year…..mainly because of fireworks. Buck50 is growing up so fast and the fire pit I built a few months back is being put to use weekly. I hope all of you reading this are doing fantastic! The new iphone is awesome and I really want one but all my money is probably going to a new camera lens that I really like. Well thats it for now. bbatch out!

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Be grateful

What words of wisdom from the wise sweet leaf tea caps……..hmmmmm seems so simple huh?


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