Sugar Browns. Grannyism #3

So right now I’m sitting in sugar browns (a coffee shop) and talking with Garrett (my skinny friend) talking and laughing about how I am unable to commit to things sometimes…..well almost all the time. Almost everyday I drink a sweet leaf tea and recently have decided to start collecting the caps because all of them say a different word of wisdom called a “grannyism” and there is nothing better than a sweet leaf team followed by a shot of wisdom to the brain! So todays Grannyism says “here today gone tomorrow” hmmmm so so so true. Makes you think about a few things.
1.) why am I here?
2.) what am I here for?
3.) what legacy will I leave?
4.) where will I go when I’m gone?
5.) who will miss me?
6.) did my life change others?

Just a few questions to ponder! If you dont have the answers thats ok. Go to Jesus with it. Lata suckas!!!! bbatch out! have a rockin day

Posted 4 years ago


Whats New

Ok so since the Belize trip I have been thrown back into the madness that is football and school. Both are going really well and its crazy that the season is creeping up so fast. Everyone is working their tails off and I’m really excited about the opportunities that we have as a team. So the 4th of July is approaching and its one of my favorite holidays of the year…..mainly because of fireworks. Buck50 is growing up so fast and the fire pit I built a few months back is being put to use weekly. I hope all of you reading this are doing fantastic! The new iphone is awesome and I really want one but all my money is probably going to a new camera lens that I really like. Well thats it for now. bbatch out!

Posted 4 years ago


Be grateful

What words of wisdom from the wise sweet leaf tea caps……..hmmmmm seems so simple huh?


Posted 4 years ago


Belize Video

Had time to sit down and put together all the footage from the trip into a video. enjoy.

Posted 4 years ago