Fearless Series (part 1 and 2)

When I began this three part series I didn’t intend  to have written parts to it. However, the more thought I gave to what this series is conveying I found it appropriate. Here are the first two pieces to this three piece series titled “Fearless”. Also, there are roughly 20 prints of the first piece (The Rider) available for pre-order. They will be available for a few more weeks. The second piece is not yet available.

To pre-order The Rider, call or email Tornado Gallery.

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The Rider


On West Texas sunsets, far he rides

Greatness burning in his eyes

Rolling clouds, they root him on

In the distance, courageous songs they hum

Red and black, tattered cape surrounds

A brave black stallion, with thunderous hooves that pound

Bravely riding and never stopping

While Mediocrity stands mocking

A determined heart, a calling great

To leave a legacy that stays

Where few will go, into the unknown dark

Fearlessly charging, to leave his mark

Guns held high, a legacy will soar

Spirit strong, and boldly adorned

Like rain his battle cry will pour

Strive for honor evermore

The Rider



Hill of victory


Blanketed with red, through the unknown dark

A solemn hill, where few dare to march

Alive and daunting, this red hill breathes

Exhaling fear, even the bravest flee

Holding their breaths, they turn to run

In fear they fall, and the Hill they become

Alive, the daunting Red Hill says

“The crimson flowers, are those that fled”

But the Rider knows, what most can’t see

That the breathing Hill is Victory.

Rolling clouds, they root him on

In the distance, courageous songs they hum

With pounding hooves, and guns in hand

The Rider prepares, to claim his land

To leave his mark, where few will go

He inhales the fear, but his does not show

Victory is claimed, by the unafraid

Not ambition powered by selfish fame

It is claimed by those, that bravely breathe

Inhaling fear, but do not leave

Those that dream, to leave their mark

In the dark unknown, where few will march

Atop the Hill, Victory is claimed

A stallion rears, and a gun muzzle bangs

From the Riders gun, a spark of light

Illumination shreds the shroud of night

On the daunting hill, his mark is left

Draped with flowers, of those that fled

Inhaled the fear, but bravely breathed

Atop he exhaled Victory.

Hill of Victory


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Carpe Diem: by Adrian Reese (Guest Blog)

Every now and then I get a request from someone who asks if I would be interested in letting them guest blog. Here is just a little background info on this guest blogger who I am excited to have! Adrian and I were in the same recruiting class at Texas Tech. We got to know each other then, and in the best way possible, by the grace of God years later we are both two very different individuals than what we once were. Adrian and I lost contact, and hadn’t spoke in a few years until he emailed me letting me know he was proud of what I had been up to and that he enjoyed my blog. He told me that I inspired him.  When he told me that it meant a tremendous amount to me. I would like to think that my goal in life is to inspire. But this meant even more than it usually does because Adrian new the old me. He didn’t know the nice, creative, inspiring Baron that most of you would say I am. He knew the old me. He knew the punk kid with a short temper that enjoyed fighting. He knew me when I was drunk out of my mind acting wild as ever, and heck he was even there with me most of those nights! Needless to say we have both grown up a tremendous amount since then. So when Adrian let me know that I inspire him it meant a lot, because he is one of the few people that have seen me grow the most. 7 years ago I never would have imagined that he would be guest blogging for me or that I would even have a blog. Pretty funny how things change! So I hope you guys enjoy Adrian’s post as much as I did reading it. Appreciate you reaching out man! 


You inspire me.

Carpe Diem

By: Adrian Reese


A ‘first’ is something that is treasured and rarely forgotten. Whether it be a first date, a first kiss, or a first love. All are special in their own way. The reason may be because of the uniqueness of the situation, or the simple fact that it’s an experience that you’ve never encountered before. The emotions involved in our ‘firsts’ are also unforgettable. The way that we felt at that particular moment is probably more memorable than the actual event itself. However, not all of the emotions from those experiences are feelings of joy. There are also some firsts that were unpleasant in our lives. The first time we got punched in the nose, our first broken bone, or even our first heartbreak. Whether happy or sad, the first time something happens is significant in its own way. It sticks with you throughout time.

You tend to remember every detail of a first time regardless of the number of years that past by. It’s something that’s not easily forgotten. I remember several first time events that took place in my life. I’ve had many joyous occasions but it seems that the unpleasant ‘firsts’ resonate with me more than the pleasant ones.

Like the first time I broke my foot, or the first time I experienced losing a big-time game. Or, even the first time that my heart was broken. I can remember the most minute details from those events. Why is that? Is it because we learn more from a defeat than we do from a victory. Could it be that experiencing continual joy and pleasure makes us careless while; on the other hand, enduring pain and trials makes us more careful? With every experience comes a lesson to be learned. It’s very seldom that we immediately know what that lesson is. But there is a lesson.

One of the main lessons that I’ve learned from my years on this earth is that with every ‘first’ there comes a ‘last.’ The last time that we experience something is also unforgettable. A ‘last kiss’ shared with the person who has your heart. The ‘last day’ on a job where we’ve worked for years, or the ‘last time’ you saw a loved one before they passed away. They’re all memorable in their own right.

The crazy thing is that in most cases, we really don’t know exactly when the last time will be. Sure, all is well in the relationship right now, or, we’ve put in our two-week notice at work with the final date in mind. We say, “See you later,” to that loved one expecting to see them tomorrow. But who can say for sure what tomorrow holds?

There are two days out of the year that we have absolutely no control over; yesterday and tomorrow. We can’t change the past, but we can learn from it. We can’t prolong tomorrow’s arrival, but we can prepare for it.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” This quote is telling us to make the most of each day and to absorb all the knowledge that we can. Learn from our mistakes in the past while failing not to enjoy the pleasures of the present time. Each moment is special. Every breath is unique. And every breath counts.

Don’t procrastinate in living life to the fullest. Time is non-refundable, which means that you can never get it back. It’s of extreme value but yet it’s used without thought. Time is wasted now more than it is spent. To waste is to use carelessly, or to no purpose. But the word spend is primarily associated with something gained in return. Don’t waste your time on people or things that aren’t worth it. Spend it doing what you love and with the ones that you love because the emotional gain is priceless.

Speak softly, but live out loud. Breathe easy, but love hard. Inhale the joy that life brings, and exhale the sorrow that tags along. Forgive quickly and you slowly will understand that with only this one life to live, WE MUST SIEZE THE DAY!

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The Rider (available for pre order)

For my next series of art I wanted to do something for my fellow Texas Tech alumni to enjoy, so I decided to create the Fearless series. I will be doing three different pieces of art over the course of the next three months. Each month a new design will be released. There will be 100 prints made of each design. They are  printed on premium giclee paper, and are signed and numbered. Because of the amount of interest I have received for this particular series already I am going to allow pre orders up until the actual release date of October 18th for the first 50 prints. Hopefully this helps guarantee a print for those who really want to make sure that they don’t sell out. These prints will be slightly increased in price being that the print size is slightly larger and not standard.

They are $225.  Here is how you can pre order.

Call or email Tornado Gallery.


(806) 687-1644



the rider promo

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Attention! New art prints available!

The last month I have been focusing a tremendous amount of time on my art. It has been amazing!  I’ve  enjoyed being able to pour my heart and soul into my new work and am so excited to finally be able to share it with all of you! I just finished a new West Texas themed series. This series is simply titled “Home”. These painting embody and represent memories of West Texas for me. West Texas is a place that gave me my foundation and molded me into the person I am today, and I am forever thankful for that.

From the sunsets to sunflowers, windmills and stormy skies, West Texas is a place that I always will love. I wanted to create this series to share with all of you who feel the same way about it. In the event that you aren’t from West Texas and have never been but would enjoy a print as well, please dont hesitate. The three prints in this series are named “Change is gonna come”, “City lights dont live here” and “God named her West Texas”.  I am doing a limited run of 100 for each one of these pieces. Prints are available through Tornado Gallery in Lubbock Texas. You can either call of email to place an order. Thank you for your support in advance and an even bigger thank you for enjoying the art that I love to make! Spread the word!




email:  Tornadogallerylubbock@gmail.com

phone: (806) 687-1644

change is gonna come (PROMO)


City lights dont live here (PROMO)


God named her west texas (PROMO)

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