The What


I do take on commissioned projects depending on how I am feeling. 

 It is important to explain that making art is a form of worship and meditation for me, because of this I work best with very few parameters, and the absolute best with none at all. The process of creating the work consists of me being extremely joyful, lots of singing, lots of dancing, me getting out of the way and being a witness to the process that unfolds in each moment, while learning from what happens. 


Studio Visits 

Studio visits can be scheduled upon request and availability. These consist of conversation, tea if you would like, sharing presence, and getting to look through the work that is in the studio and things that I am working on. I request that no one take photos during their visits and to be fully present. This means not being on your phone. I am always open to discussing selling work that is in the studio so do not hesitate to inquire about that during a visit, but please keep in mind that everything that you will see is work in progress so you probably will not be able to walk out with anything being that I ask for time to make sure the work is complete. Often I get asked by parents if they can bring their children by to visit and the answer is absolutely. I really enjoy having the presence of young ones in the studio and I am open to scheduling art lessons with them as well upon request and availability. This is not something I charge for. During these sessions I ask for the parents to not be parents and to let the kids fully have freedom with what they want to do and how they choose to create during that time, without being over their shoulder giving any instructions. 

Art Drops

Art drops are exactly what they sound like, and are the origin of both the ‘FREE’ and ‘EYE’ signature within the artwork. One way that I realized would be the simplest way of sharing the artwork was to give it away for free. As moments accumulated, this turned into a type of scavenger hunt situation where I would hide paintings for people to find, and in doing so would sign them with the word ‘FREE’ and an ‘Eye, in order  to catch peoples eye while communicating that the painting was free to take home. Over the years there have been hundreds of free art drops all over the world.

 Not all, but most of these paintings usually carry a message in the form of a poem written on the back. I enjoy doing these tremendously because each time I leave a piece of art for someone to find, I know that I am able to pass along a joyful experience that is much more valuable than a painting, but an experience of someone stumbling across a piece of art that they were meant to find that the universe led them to.  Or the thrill of seeing a piece posted on social media and chasing it down with a group of their friends. We are all connected in such a beautiful way, and I am fortunate to get to witness the interconnectedness from the art drops. This is a way that I am able to share the gift I have been given that brings me so much joy with others, passing along not just a painting, but a joyful moment that the painting represents. 

Speaking & Appearances

I don’t have opinions on things. I am simple with few preferences. Truth is what interests me. I actually don’t think I have much to say, but because of this it seems that speaking engagements and appearances always seem to have a mystical quality to them, being that while I speak I focus on not desiring to be a speaker, but a receiver, a reflection, while being a perceiver, speaking simply while not projecting. 

I have been blessed to have had a unique variety of life experiences that have unfolded in such a way that I am where I am, and what I am.  But I also acknowledge that every being has a beautiful uniqueness to them. When I do speaking engagements, it is much less about me coming and sharing ‘My Story’, but more about being present with other beings in a way that we are all able to have an open and truthful conversation, learning from one another in a spontaneous and pure way. If you have an interest in talking more about something of this manner please email.