The Why

Artist Statement.

Visual artist, Poet, Storyteller, Motivator / Encourager, Community Builder, Teacher, Positivity Activist

Just a simple man who realizes how little he knows, while moment by moment remaining honest and humble with the journey of life.  Uncovering the divinity within by working to serve others through the gifts and talents given.  Doing the best to bring peace and joy to these times while on this piece of art called Earth, by being peaceful and joyful myself. Casting opinions, labels,  and divisions aside, to navigate life as gracefully as possible.

Inspirations include, Christ,  Paramahansa Yogananda, Siddhartha Gautama,  Ram Dass,  Mooji, Dr. Suess, Rumi, Paulo Coehlo, Kahlil Gibran, all the groovy being who express  their most authentic selves and help guide humanity,  the current moment, my own stumblings, my older brother,  my father and mother, and other siblings.

Saved by Grace.

-A spark of light


What is the message?

Relax. To be free. To be still and know. To overflow while being empty. To remove all masks and glow.  To leave the ideas of where you must go, and what you must become. To be a student of life while learning to let your self be undefined, and to live with abundant faith that life is happening for you, while being present, calm, and joyful.   Being the flow of life, as life is witnessed from this place, and being beautiful in this way. 

To be a celebration of compassion, a dance of life with each moment encountered. To let the moments be a teacher, being disciplined but not so serious. 

I have stopped making goals for myself and have instead invested that energy into choosing to be calm and joyful in the moments and interactions that I am blessed to be given, while weeding the bad habits from the garden of life that result in bondage, and replacing those with good ones. 

What has been learned from this shift is that there is so much to receive and give, rather than take from life. Walking with goals in mind is much different than being still and emanating vibrations that are uplifting to whoever is around you. This does not mean goals are a negative thing, but it does mean that to have goals before coming to know your true nature can be extremely counter productive. 

To be free as your true self, this takes no effort but simple awareness that you are no thing. To be here now. We are divinely inspired beings, beautiful reflections of the infinite spirit. The energy that blesses me as I am able to step aside and be a conduit has been miraculous to witness come through in the form of paintings and poems. Both of which teach, challenge, and inspire me.  I have learned that the greatest gift I have been given is simply to be able to witness what is, and to merge into the flow of that, while seeing the result of exercising the power of will in the form of presence, calmness and joy. 

It is not my attempt to make any political or social statements with the work that is created. The purpose is to bring joy, hope, light, smiles, positivity, inspiration, good vibrations that uplift, and give insight and challenge. Allowing others to gaze into a painting introspectively, or simply be engulfed in color granting them a moment of spontaneous vacation from their thoughts, where they forget they are there entirely, a gift of freedom through the door of beauty. That often happens with me while I’m in the flow of witnessing a painting come together, I forget that I exist, and in those moments I get to witness what is timeless document itself. 

I also write a lot of poetry, aphorisms, and mantras, and often incorporate those into the paintings as well. When you get a piece of artwork from me, know that heart and soul lives within it. 

I cannot take credit for the things that I write, I know this because I see how they are gifts that are given for me to share, and most often are words of encouragement I too need to hear. 

I typically work at night from around the hours of 9pm-7am so if you ever wonder what that looks like, just imagine someone dancing and singing pretty much nonstop while throwing colors around a room. The process is praise, and the technique is worship. If there is any skill that I have, it is being ok with getting out of the way.


Collectors of the Work 

One of the most special things about what I have been able to experience over the years that I have been creating, is to see and encounter the kindred spirits that are drawn to the work. I have an extremely diverse group of collectors, but what I have gotten to observe from the standpoint of being the being channeling the art is the similar beauty of the spirits of the individuals that collect it. I love that the beings that collect the work do it because it speaks to them, not because they think it is going to be worth a lot or money some day, and I really dig this as the conduit of what flows through me. It means that I am doing my job of getting out of the way, and truly surrendering to what this all means, by not trying to define it. 

I do my best to fairly price my artwork in a range that just about anyone that really wants a piece can afford. Because of this I have been blessed to experience many people purchase their first piece of artwork, and this has been really magical. Frequently I hear people say “I dont know anything about art, but I really like this piece.” And guess what? I don’t know anything about art either, I’m just steady discovering. 

I have been blessed to see a community be built around those that resonate with the vibration of the artwork. This is very special and I am very thankful because I now realize that we are all kindred in spirit. Because of this my view on why I make art has shifted.

At one point I made art because I felt like I really had something to say, or that I knew something special, often frustrated by my observations with the world, so a lot of times the energy in the artwork was aggressive and egoic. 

This has shifted greatly as I have learned the beauty in being silent, and the power in listening while acknowledging how little I actually know. 

This has shifted me from feeling like I am ‘creating’, to understanding that I am simply channeling. Not so much a creator, much more a conduit. Having communion with what is, as opposed to communicating what I am thinking or feeling. In the space between my own thoughts and emotions when I am still enough I hear loving whispers, gently nudging my hands to come to life, encouraging me to surrender and trust. I do my best to be this, and am so very thankful that Gods Grace has opened my eyes to the power of what happens when I get my smelly ego out of the drivers seat. 

A collector recently brought a painting back that had already been purchased and requested that I give her a poem with it, she said “it is your words we love”, and this gave me chills because I know that my words are not mine, but rather a gifts that are given to me as well. 


Why Elephants?

I guess it would be unrealistic to constantly paint elephants and expect people to not wonder why. Lately when people ask me why the answer is that because they make me happy and I enjoy it. 

However,  The elephants have carried various meanings for me through the time that I have been painting them as subject matter. Since I was a young boy I have always loved animals, and specifically magazines and books that showed me the variety of them,  because they were a glimpse into the variety of the world that I had not yet seen with my own eyes. Seeing animals that I have never seen with my own eyes always brought a feeling of wonder and still does.  One day I came across an article on Elephants and from that moment on was fascinated by them, and how magnificent and magical of a place the earth is. When I started painting I chose the elephant as subject matter because they remind me of that moment of awe and wonder. The elephant symbolizes wisdom and virtue which is the presence I carry in life. To be wise, and live with virtue. To be a strong member of a community because you are capable of standing alone. 

I am a product of Gods Grace, and am truly humbled that I am able to be what I do, and do what I am, while being led on this mysteriously beautiful journey of life while simultaneously getting to encounter so many other kindred spirits.