Vlog 2

Here is the second edition of the video blog. If you have questions you want answered for the next one email me by clicking the contact page on the home page. Thanks!


  1. Love the vlog Baron. I love open, vulnerable people and listening to the personal side of a football player as a fan, is awesome. Light up a fire and relax tonight man. God bless.

  2. Baron,
    Your one hell of a young man. A great role model for the youngsters out there. I live in central PA, near Harrisburg with my wife and two children. We are all Steeler fans. We are so glad you made the roster this year. We pray for you and your safety, as we do for all the Steeler players. Saw you at camp this year. I will have to go through my pics and send you some.

    My question is this, “who is your biggest inspiration on the Steeler team, and why?”

    Thanks buddy!!!

    We wish you continued success!!!

    Mike, Kelly, Zachary, and Julia!!

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