Zac Wilkerson – Wayfaring Stranger

Im all about people pursuing what they are passionate about, and if I’m in the position to help them I do. In my opinion thats how the world is changed. Through the hands of the passionate individuals that use their God given abilities. My friend Zac Wilkerson is a very talented musician. I got to know Zac through another good friend of mine,  Ryan Voight . Ryan and I have worked on several different non profit projects and he’s my go to guy when I do things like that. He’s also a pretty legit photographer and film maker. One day Ryan recommended Zac’s music to me. Knowing that Ryan and I have similar musical taste I quickly took a listen and was blown away. I immediately went to itunes to buy all of Zac’s songs and was so confused when I couldn’t find any. Turns out his music wasn’t on itunes so I begged him to send me a CD. After hounding him I finally got my CD in the mail. After finding out that Zac had just started doing music full time I knew that I wanted to be involved in some way to help get his music out for everyone to hear (also he’s a fellow West Texan and us West Texans help each other out when we can!)  So Zac, Ryan, and myself put our heads together and came up with the idea to shoot several videos of Zac. The video series aren’t so much music videos but stories about why Zac does what he does, and what his music means to him. Please go check out Zac’s music on his site  . Keep in mind that I don’t support things that aren’t quality. This project has little to do with anything other than the fact that Zac is a great dude with even better music. However, if he was just a great dude I wouldn’t be promoting his music. So please go watch the video that Ryan put together of Zach explaining why he is so passionate about music. If you feel inclined you can donate to the video on Vimeo and help Zac continue to pump out his awesome tunes!



Zac Wilkerson – Wayfaring Stranger from Ryan Voight on Vimeo.

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