Often I am asked who or what inspires me. More recently I have chosen to not give an answer to this question, and usually ask the questioner what inspiration means to them. Different people have different answers to this. 

The word Inspiration is derived from the latin word inspirare or inspiritus  which means ‘to draw air into the lungs’ , ‘To breathe into’ , ‘To breathe in spirit’ or simply put, to be alive. 

It is not that we are to look to be inspired, for in doing this we can quickly become distracted from what is always with us, but to remember that we are that.  May we realize that within each breath we are gifted, our very existence is inspiration, and through our very existence we create. So the question is not what inspires? The inquiry is, what are you choosing to breathe life into? Through you, what is brought to life? 

The encouragement is the reminder that everyone is an artist in this way. Inspiration incarnate, and perpetually creating. Be wise with what you breathe life into. As artists we are the creators of culture.

May we be mindful that the culture is not to be what we are fed, rather what we consciously create through the awareness of what we deem worthy of cultivating through the gift of inspiration.

 Culture is a cultivation.  It is good to choose for the culture to be that of virtue. 

Are you cultivating what you are breathing life into? Are you aware or such things? 

We use words to describe things in the way we wish to give them meaning. In this subtle way we are more apt to describe with words the way we wish to see things, rather than how they actually are. Because of this, self honesty, or honor in the way we choose to speak is a creative power we all hold. 

And in this powerful exchange it is so, that the way we choose to see things, and speak of them,  can create how things actually are. What a gift to be both a sculptor, and sculpture, word and meaning, the inhale and exhale. 

Words are keys to doors, and our conscious observance and reverence for how we approach the use of such things either opens or locks.   In this way language is not only a tool to map what is outside, but more importantly a tool in which we are able to uncover our inner psyche and depth.

Now is the time to realize we are all artists, and it has always been this way. Inspiration incarnate, both creators and creation. The sculptors and sculptures of the culture that we choose to breathe life into. 

May we not celebrate the things this culture feeds us, but remember together we are to joyfully create that. May we not use our creative power to regurgitate a sick culture, creating things that distract our fellow artists. 

May we inhale spirit, and breathe life into things that breathe life into. Light that feeds light. 

Go on your inner journey and create from that place.

This is the flow. 

My success is your happiness and peace. Your happiness and peace are my success. The inhale and exhale. 

Let virtue be the culture. 

Diligent work as the talents become the currency. Joyful in spirit as the attitude becomes the fuel.

Honest reflections as no mask must be worn. Daily practice as life becomes the invention. Generosity as sharing moments become sharing works or art. 

You are made for amazing things. 


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