Focused Lotus

Focused Lotus

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The delicate lotus is a hidden gem displayed in the forefront of a steady pink and yellow elephant. The lotus is enriched with yellow, pink, and green splatters and strokes. These techniques give the illusion of the lotus bursting with color. The same bursts that compliment the lotus, enriches the elephants as well. The elephant stands powerful with reticulated streaks of gold and black adding depth to its frame. 

The second side of the painting shows a story of focus. Turning the painting vertically, you see and abstract lion peering back at you. Masked in large strokes of red and yellow, the lion displays a face of unshakable focus. In blue scrip, you see the perfectly distinct handwriting of Baron Batch; "Eyes On It". The "Eyes On it" mantra is a reminder to the viewer to keep their eyes open and on it- ready to strike.

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