Free Flying

Free Flying

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A dripping sky of purple, yellow, and blue hues appears understated compared to the mythical creature displayed proudly of the center of this piece. The pegasus is completely captivating. Open wings unveil a sense of bold and forceful confidence flowing through the pegasus. A purple halo-like shape floats above the chimeric creature, creating a heavenly undertone. Baron Batch's choice of the eye and free as the signature is the perfect summary of the piece.

On the other side of this piece, "It's All Possible" is written in Baron's perfectly distinct handwriting. This mantra appears to be inconsistency compared to the mythical creature on the other side. Although it appears this way, The pegasus is a reminder of the doubts we commonly have in ourselves. We commonly doubt ourselves in what exactly we can accomplish. Our mindset should not be what we cannot accomplish, but be reminded that it is all possible. This deeply powerful mantra is accompanied by a feather highlighted in golden paint. In the corner, we see two Baron Batch's unique signature- FREE accompanied by a cave elephant. 

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