Cool Vibrations

Cool Vibrations

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Swirls of layered color assembled on top of a cone are backlit on sea of black paint. This subject piece reminds us of nostalgic summer days. Playful colors emphasize the perfectly captured nostalgia. This imagery is so powerful, memories wash over us without a single word being spoken. Sentimental days full of fun, freedom and light. Vibrant outlines dance under simple paint splatters and strokes of white. The bright yellow toned signature of Baron Batch rings in the corner- the eye and free.

On the other side of the canvas, a classic signature subject piece of Baron's is boldly stroked across splashes of red and white. Perhaps this subject also stirs nostalgia in you as well- the rush of finding your first Art Drop, saving up to purchase your first Baron Batch piece, or having your first striking conversation with the artist himself. "Life Is Good" is written in bright pink paint- a callback to the other side of the canvas. Tying this side together is the loyal artist calling- the eye signature.

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