Guide You Elephant

Guide You Elephant

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When you see this classic elephant, you do not have to look for the signature to know it is a Baron Batch original. From the delicate yet bold line work to the textured brush strokes of gold and pink, you can see Baron's precise artistic decisions come to life. Powerful ivory tusks outlined by neon green paint and backlit by white luminous streaks takes the simple elephant to the next level. Brown canvas is the unsung hero of this piece. The dark contrast compared to the lavender, green, and yellow strokes allows you to focus on the subject matter- an elegantly bold elephant.

In a revolutionary artistic direction, Baron has been giving the gift of two original paintings on one canvas. Using every ounce of available resource, the back flaunts another signature Baron Batch piece- a guiding lighthouse. The colorfully swirled background is a chaotic contrast to the strong beam of light shining from the beacon. Seeing the calm in the calamity is displayed strongly on the second piece.

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