Home Can Change Buffalo

Home Can Change Buffalo

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Draped in coruscating pink, blue, and purple paint splatters, you see a powerful but still buffalo gazing back at you. Grass and cloud-like strokes of green and pink compliment the powerfully simple brown body.

With true Baron Batch authenticity, the back is adorned with unique stars, hearts, and splatters. Although these symbols are wonderful, you cannot ignore the mantra written in Baron's perfectly unique and distinct handwriting:  "Home, Home, It Can Change". This mantra rings loudly in our hearts and heads. Such a mantra makes you reflect upon your first location you considered home. How has your home changed since then? Maybe your first home was your childhood home. Maybe it was a job you fell in love with. What is your home now? Are you moving into your new home? This powerfully graceful buffalo will make the perfect addition to your current and future homes.

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