Keeping It Good Bear

Keeping It Good Bear

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Dark fur-like strokes are put on display by swirls of green and blue. Neon splatters compliment the intricately painted bear. Bears, typically depicted as strong and powerful warden-like animals of their habitat, is not displayed in that manner in this piece. The bear shows an image of calm strength of power.

The airy feather and the gentle mantra reminder sit side by side on the other side of this piece. The mantra "It's All Good" reminds us that: through trials and toils of life, in the end it's all good. It will always end up all good. The bold black lettering and the black strokes of the feather are splattered in contrasting splatters of pink, green and gold. The captivating piece is finished with two of Baron Batch's signatures- Norab, and the eye.  

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