Commission ACM Unicorn

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This piece is created on an ACM (aluminum composite material) and cutout in an CNC process. Baron has created the initial digital design and subsequently adds paint effects and accents to the piece to make it a unique sculptural piece of work  

This artwork will be delivered with a wire included on the backside so that the work has the option to be hung on a wall using a nail/screw  

The artwork weighs about 15lbs  

The work can be displayed in an indoor or outdoor setting  

**Please provide your email and phone number when purchasing artwork - we use this to contact you with logistics specific to your order, and to let you know about new artwork. With the constant increase in demand for the art this is beneficial for us to communicate with clients effectively.**


Due to the escalating volume of artwork flowing through the gallery and online purchases, in order to continue to be thoughtful & intentional about signing the pieces as part of Baron's artistic workflow, all artwork will be signed and ready for pick up or shipping within three weeks of purchase.

I appreciate you appreciating the work.