Living In Love Collection / 5 for $325 / Summer 2022

Living In Love Collection / 5 for $325 / Summer 2022

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Each collection contains art with a variety of mantras, colors, sizes, and materials. Everything pictured is included with this specific collection. Perfect for blank walls and small spaces you haven't thought of yet. Great for starting your collection (and expanding).

Each piece is of work will be uniquely signed on the back by Baron 

***Please provide your email and phone number when purchasing artwork - we use this to contact you with logistics specific to your order, and to let you know about new artwork. With the constant increase in demand for the art this is beneficial for us to communicate with clients effectively.***


Residency Gallery hours

Thursday 11-6pm

Friday 11-8pm

Saturday 11-8pm

Sunday 10-4pm 


Artwork ships within 14 business days. 

I appreciate you appreciating the work.