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Baron Batch

Jam Like Jazz / radiant headphones / Square Cafe / July 2023

Jam Like Jazz / radiant headphones / Square Cafe / July 2023

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40.5 x 40.5" inches on stretched canvas


Pop art imagery on vibrant solid colored background, featuring fresh, unique collage-style signature.


This artwork is currently on display at Square Cafe. Please expect to receive artwork at least one month following purchase date. Please contact regarding pickup/delivery.


All original pieces are hand signed by Baron - this creative signing process may affect the pickup/shipping of artwork until it is completed. Each signature serves as an energetic totem that resonates with an individual and their growth.


**Please provide your email and phone number when purchasing artwork - we use this to contact you with logistics specific to your order, and to let you know about new artwork. With the constant increase in demand for the art this is beneficial for us to communicate with clients effectively.**


**Please note: If you would like this piece shipped, additional costs and arrangements will apply. Contact us directly for more details prior to purchasing.


I appreciate you appreciating the work.



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